This Call May Be Recorded

Joel Frieders

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This Call May Be Recorded

This Call May Be Recorded has hit pharmacy shelves!!

This Call May Be Recorded is one (adorable) man's collection of conversations he's had as a suppository salesman. The (dashing) Joel Frieders recounts the angry strangers, the confused return customers, and the completely insane exchanges he gets into as the manager of a family-owned compounding pharmacy. Instead of talking to a therapist or drinking on the job, Joel's default settings of patience, sarcasm, and self-deprecation get him through his days dealing with the hysterical requests from the general public, who might not know much about medicine, but sure know what they like in a canine suppository or prescription painkiller.

This Call May Be Recorded is hysterically funny and good for what ails you. CAUTION: Not to be taken rectally.



About the Author: Joel Frieders is husband to Julie, father to Dylan, Leah, & Mason, brother to Lydia, son to Larry & Pat, a recovering musician, former bartender/waiter, current beekeeper, founder of music blog, alderman in Yorkville, IL, appreciator of run on sentences, and one hell of a model airplane. 

Illustrated by Jose Garibaldi 

Author Contact:

Joel Frieders
The Compounder Pharmacy
340 Marshall Ave #100
Aurora, IL 60506
O - 630-859-0333    ::    C - 630-992-7516


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