Total Shaving Solution 1.25oz

Total Solutions

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The Compounder's Total Shaving Solution is an all natural compound comprised of a proprietary blend of the highest quality natural essential oils.  TCSS contains no water and is highly concentrated - a few drops is all you need.

NO Dyes
NO Salts
NO Soaps
NO Alcohols
NO Chemicals
NO Preservatives
NO Animal Testing

The Compounder's Total Shaving Solution is formulated to soften, moisturize, condition, cleanse and protect your skin while shaving and will leave it feeling silky smooth and refreshed, unlike other shaving products that leave your skin dry and irritated.

The Compounder's Total Shaving Solution goes on clear and allows you to see exactly where you are shaving, which is a huge benefit when shaving around beards and mustaches. In addition, unlike conventional gels, foams, lotions, and powders it is activated by moisture and actually works best in the tub or shower. The wetter the shaving area, the better. The Compounder's Total Shaving Solution works!

I cannot live without this stuff.