Tail Bone Pain Cream 7ml Syringe

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Tailbone Pain Gel contains 12% Ibuprofen, 12% MSM, and 0.12% capsaicin in a gel base that contains DMSO for enhanced penetration. It is used to releieve discomfort and reduce inflammation. Use a small amount of gel - the size of a large pea should be enough. Apply to the tailbone area and rub it in well. Wash hands well after applying.

You may feel a light tingling sensation or warmth - that’s from the capsaicin. Some people are able to detect the taste of topical DMSO. It is a sulfur-like taste. 

Side effects are unlikely. If they do occur, they would probably be mild irritation to the skin - redness, rash, etc. If this occurs, discontinue using the gel.

Apply the gel every 2 to 4 hours as needed.

Do not refer to this gel as a cream, AS IT GETS HIGHLY AGITATED. 

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