SophytoPRO: Pure Daily Cleanser 100ml


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The SophytoPRO Pure Cleanser is the first product in the three-bottle Pure Daily System that we offer from Orthomolecular. We have found that we burn through this first bottle pretty fast compared to the Serum and the Moisturizer, so we asked if we could stock and sell ONLY the cleanser. 

If you haven't made any attempts at cleaning up what products you put on your skin every day, this is the starting place. A simple, food-based, 90% organic natural product, Pure Cleanser was designed to actively transform the health of the skin. By working with the skin to optimize pH levels and moisture content, Pure Cleanser will probably be the last daily facial cleaner you'll ever consider using. 

Pure Cleanser can:

  1. Remove make up and impurities without over-drying
  2. Restore and maintain the skin's natural moisture balance
  3. Deliver age-defying benefits
  4. Improve skin texture
  5. Leave the skin feeling refreshed and clean

ALSO, if you get this stuff in your eye, it doesn't sting. AT ALL. It might make your vision blurry for a minute or three (YOU JUST PUT A CLEANSER IN YOUR EYE, OF COURSE IT WILL), but there is no sting. And getting it in your eye is unfortunate sure, but if you get this stuff in your mouth? It's all food based, so you might pick up a new craving for SophytoPro Pure Cleanser going forward huh?


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