Reacted Magnesium #60 Caps


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Reacted Magnesium is in a chelated form which allows for higher dosing with a greater tolerance.

Minerals play an important role in many different systems and structures throughout our body. Often times we may need higher amounts of a specific mineral to provide support for a particular health concern. Ortho Molecular Products’ line of fully reacted minerals provides a comprehensive assortment of minerals to support your needs.

Orthomolecular has partnered with Albion, one of the United States foremost manufacturers of chelated minerals. Albion’s patented chelation technology stabilizes the minerals while creating some of the smallest absorbable minerals available. This is important because larger minerals cannot pass through the intestinal wall as well and therefore are not as well absorbed by our bodies.

A girlfriend of mine chelated on me in college. Never trusted her again after that. 

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