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Progesterone Pumper 1 (ONE)  :: 100ml :: $34.00 0
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  • This preparation contains Progesterone, USP in a light cream base that does not contain parabens or extra preservatives. Each actuation of the pump delivers approximately 20mg of progesterone.  It is applied once or twice daily according to a cycling schedule. There is more information on our website about the proper use of progesterone cream.
  • Transdermal hormones are reportedly absorbed into the body shortly after being applied. People commonly apply the products after showering or bathing. There should be no concern about availability of the hormone if the area where the cream is applied is washed or shaved an hour or so after applying.
  • How long will a 100ml container of TPC last? Our non-prescription container of TPC will deliver a guaranteed minimum of 60 pumps. Depending on the usage, one container of TPC will last up to 2 months.   
  • Do I need a break from using the cream each month? Yes. For menstruating women it is important that the progesterone cream only be used from the 12th to the 26th day, counting the day the period starts as the first day. The reason is that the body uses progesterone to hold the blood lining in place during the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle. If the progesterone cream is used out of sequence, it will interfere with the menstrual cycle. For non-menstruating women, Dr. John Lee recommends that the cream be used for three weeks and a break of one week.
Read more about Transdermal Progesterone.
Synthetic vs. Natural Progesterone:
Differentiating between the common distinctions of natural and synthetic can be confusing when it comes to hormones. Many hormones on the market (Premarin, Birth Control Pills, and so on) contain hormone-like substances that don’t appear anyplace naturally. Some people refer to those drugs as Frankenstein hormones.

Our progesterone cream contains Progesterone, USP, which is bioidentical to human progesterone. It is made in a laboratory, beginning with plant oils. We do not use progesterone derived from soy. The most common source of our progesterone is wild yam. Because it is manufactured in a laboratory some people might consider it to be synthetic. However, it is chemically identical to the progesterone made in the human body (not horses). In that respect it’s natural.

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