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Growing evidence supports the use of high-dose probiotics as intensive support for patients with significant G.I. and immune distress. PRObiotic 225 IS that high dose probiotic.

Probiotic usage for optimal G.I. health is common. Most probiotics are delivered in relatively low-dose food preparations (primarily yogurts), providing minimal colony forming units (CFU). Recently, an emerging trend in clinical research has begun to establish the benefit of consuming higher doses of probiotics for G.I. and immune support.

Maximum Potency
PRObiotic 225 delivers 225 billion CFU, making it one of the most potent biologically supportive agents available. It is ideally suited for the most targeted G.I. suppoort that call for high-dose probiotics.

New Research… New Approach
Recent in vitro research has shown that significantly increasing probiotic concentrations, elicits a much different immune response in the G.I. tract, which suggests the overall benefit of increasing the concentration well beyond typical probiotic dosing.

Convenient Stick Packs:
No Refrigeration Necessary

Take it with you throughout the day! PRObiotic 225 is conveniently dosed in single-serving stick packs and has been scientifically formulated for room-temperature storage, ensuring better patient compliance. PRObiotic 225 mixes well in water or any other cold drink or food for easy use.

If you dump one of these packets into a water bottle, shake the bottle, and then drink the water you will be sending 225 million little friends to fight your gut war for you. GOOD MOVE GENERAL! 

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