Nicotine Lollipops 3.1 mg

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Nicotine Lollipops may help control cravings by delivering nicotine in a non-tobacco form.

The nicotine is absorbed directly through the lining in the mouth, and continues working after you stop using the lollipop. Like most of the commercial anti-smoking gums and lozenges, the Nicotine Lollipop provides an alternative source of nicotine when you are quitting - without exposing the user to the harmful tars and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke. The Nicotine Lollipop also offers the hand-to-mouth action that seems to be an important part of the smoking habit, and which is missing in the commercially available products.

Read more about Quitting Smoking here:

This is a PRESCRIPTION ONLY ITEM. (MINIMUM ORDER OF SIX IS REQUIRED. Your doctor will be contacted after you place your order, and before your lollipops are shipped, to verify the prescription. Please provide the name and phone number of your regular doctor in the notes/comments section during checkout.


There is only one flavor available, CHERRY. The reason is simple, every other flavor tastes like licking the bottom of a shoe after it has trampled across a salt covered sidewalk in front of a chicken processing plant. 

Smoking is gross. So are nicotine lollipops. But you already knew that, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.


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