Mind Your Christmas - By Joel Frieders & Jose Garibaldi - PREORDER

Joel Frieders

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Mind Your Christmas - By Joel Frieders & Jose Garibaldi - PREORDER


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We've all passed judgement on someone or something without knowing the full story. 

Whether it's the person driving too slow in the fast lane, the seemingly psychotic parent in the grocery store, or even the guy on the beach dressed in all denim, we don't know what battles the people around us are fighting.

What do we get out of it?

Mind Your Christmas is based on a true story about how our neighbors can be silently struggling, and had we asked instead of assumed we might've been able to help.

A lesson in giving the people around you the benefit of the doubt, Mind Your Christmas is an important story to read to yourself or your family again and again.

Mind Your Christmas is the first holiday creation from the team that brought you This Call May Be Recorded and its follow up, This Call May Be Recorded Too.

Book Details: 6" x 9", full color, 70 pages.

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About the Author: Joel Frieders is husband to Julie, father to Dylan, Leah, & Mason, brother to Lydia, son to Larry & Pat, a recovering musician, former bartender/waiter, current beekeeper, founder of music blog SYFFAL.com, alderman in Yorkville, IL, appreciator of run on sentences, and on a personal crusade to remind every human on the planet that suicide is never the answer. 

Illustrated by Jose Garibaldi 

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