Liquid Lozenge 30ml bottle

The Compounder Lab

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The Compounder's LIQUID LOZENGE is a special blend of Menthol, Alcohol, local Honey, Real Lemon Juice and Distilled Water. Mixed to perfection and dispensed in a spray bottle. Liquid Lozenge is a sure fire way to get that frog out of your throat!

You can use it anytime your feel that frog interfering with your voice - one or two squirts as often as needed to clear those windpipes.

We asked some professional performers (read: radio personalities & rappers) to test out the Liquid Lozenge for us and this is what they said:

Jacob aka CasOne in Indiana says: I was skeptical of this stuff at first. I sprayed it about 30 minutes before I went on and not only did it sooth my throat and not make me feel like I had to constantly clear it before hand, it also cleared my nostrils. I am a fan of the menthol strength in this little bottle. I sprayed it right before I went on and I went on not fearing my voice may squeek. It's def for short term relief. I am a fan of this.

Brian Felsten in Illinois says: Great stuff. Works without fail. 100 percent of the time it works most of the time.

Open Mike Eagle in California says: Good lozenge, it doesn't feel super medicated or super candy coated.


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