Water Bottle, Lagoena Drinking Bottle

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Water Bottle, Lagoena Drinking Bottle

What kind of water bottle do you carry everywhere? Are you constantly buying and using plastic bottles from the grocery store? Are you constantly refilling a different kind of plastic bottle?

You know drinking out of glass is always recommended, but how the heck are you going to find a glass water bottle?

Because we are always looking for new items to provide for our customers, and because we only sell what we use, after Larry and Pat fell in love with a Golden Ratio caraffe, we decided to check out the rest of what they offer. AND THEY SELL A GLASS WATER BOTTLE!

This Lagoena Bottle is just one of the many amazing items that holds the Flower of Life design from Golden Ratio, but because of how cool it is, it's the only one we're going to be selling and shipping from our website.

Joel's Personal Testimony: I switched from plastic to stainless steel about three years ago. Since then, I've never been without at least one of my stainless water bottles no matter where I am. The switch to steel was difficult because no matter how much I tried, I still tasted steel with every sip. I'm pretty sure I still taste it, I've just become accustomed to it. When we saw that Golden Ratio offered a glass water bottle I bought one immediately. While I'm not too keen on the cork sides of this thing, and have stopped using them, I love this water bottle pretty hardcore. It hasn't broken on me, and I store it in my laptop bag and toss it around like I did with my stainless bottles, and I take it to the gym three times a week and everyone just assumes I'm the guy who drinks vodka while lifting weights. The water just tastes good. It's noticeably different tasting. I might sound nuts, but it feels wetter, and it feels like it's somehow better for me. So - plain and simple, water tastes awesome, and I haven't broken it yet. 

Note: Walk in customers pay slightly less than our online price as our webstore price factor's in the extra shipping cost of $8.00. Live nearby? Save $8 by stopping in!

More from Nature's Design:
The trendy, practical Lagoena bottle was developed specifically to take with you. With the proportions of the golden ratio and hand blown from temperature resistant refractory glass, the Lagoena meets the highest standards for quality.
With a tightly sealing wooden stopper, the Lagoena won’t leak, and it fits all popular bottle holders. A precisely fitted shell of natural cork protects the bottle against shock.

This non-slip cover feels wonderful and can be easily removed for cleaning. Also suitable for hot beverages.

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