Honey - 1lb Glass Jar - October 2018 (HOPE) SOL + ABC

Aurora Bee Company

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Honey - 1lb Glass Jar - October 2018 (HOPE) SOL + ABC

Our second and final harvest of 2018, in conjunction with Sol Gardens, is here.

Please to welcome the October 2018 harvest, named HOPE.

HOPE was extracted with the help of my friend Adrienne Harvey, who approached ABC about simply taking some pictures this beekeeping season, but has quickly become a welcome member of the family. Her presence has been a welcome addition to the craziness that is attempting to get a million bees to do what you expect them to.

Oh, her photos are incredible. Seriously, visit: http://blackrailphotography.com/

HOPE was harvested and extracted during one of the strangest beekeeping seasons of my life, with snow in April, and a lengthy, three week plus drought during August and September. I decided on the name HOPE for two reasons, one because I HOPE these bees are alive come Spring, and two, because I've been working with the folks from Hope For the Day for the last few months on breaking the stigma around mental health and the topic of suicide specifically, and they've turned into some pretty incredible friends. 

So in honor of Adrienne & Hope For the Day, I give you HOPE, to shove in your honey hole.


In case you didn't know, The Compounder has 10 bee hives on the Sol Gardens property in Yorkville, Illinois. We call the squad, Aurora Bee Company. We will never be the biggest, we will never be the smartest, but we're 100% darn tootin' our hand extracted honey is the besssssssssss.

The benefits of consuming local honey are too many to list here, but take our word for it when we tell you this late-summer's harvest is ALL OF THE YUM YO.

This particular batch was extracted on 10/12/18... and the taste?


It tastes like riding a brown pollen coated bull bareback while wearing only a pair of chocolate chaps and a beard made of stiff caramel. If that visual isn't enough for you, email us and I will draw it out for you on my whiteboard.

Yes, this honey was in a hive last week. Yes, you can call it raw honey if you want to be trendy. The only thing we do to our honey is double sieve it, and that's only to get the wax and the dead bees out. Sometimes you get free bits of beeswax or bee legs that somehow escaped the sieve, for that we apologize.

We leave everything else alone.

We encourage a teaspoon a day for every member of your family to make them more good looking, improve stamina, and to possibly aide in battling seasonal allergies.  

We now offer a 1lb glass jar for $15, and if you bring back the jar next time, we'll take $2 off and it'll be $13! YES, WE ARE GETTING INTO RECYCLING BECAUSE WE LIKE NOT WATCHING THINGS GET WASTED.

Honey does not go bad, so if it starts to crystallize from getting too cold, toss the bottle in a ziploc bag and soak it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes.

Buy a bottle or two now, because when it's gone, you'll have to wait until 2019 for more of our honey. Unless you buy some of August's harvest, which we still have a lot of. 

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