Honey - 1.06lb - October 2017 (MELISHOUS)

Aurora Bee Company

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Honey - 1.06lb - October 2017 (MELISHOUS)

In case you didn't know, The Compounder has a fourteen bee hives spread out around the Aurora area. We call the squad, Aurora Bee Company. We will never be the biggest, we will never be the smartest, but we're 100% darn tootin' our hand extracted honey is the besssssssssss.

The benefits of consuming local honey are too many to list here, but take our word for it when we tell you our final honey harvest of 2017, aka MELISHOUS, is ALL OF THE YUM YO.

This particular batch was extracted on 10/27/2017... and the taste?


It tastes like exactly how fresh fall honey should taste: rich, caramel sensual, flexible, and super Melish-delish. 

More specifically, this honey tastes like a handful of the pinterest and etsy ideas you’ve tried that actually worked, but instead of being a lark, this honey is reliable in that it will still be there even if you didn’t get a picture to prove your autumn craft was a success.

BUT THE NAME? This final harvest of 2017 is named MELISHOUS.

Named after my friend, plus sized hand model, and confidant Shawn Melish, who has unselfishly sweat his butt off almost a dozen times in the last six years whenever there is honey to be spun.

Shawn is one of the few people who I can count on when it comes to helping me with the grueling work that is extracting and bottling honey.  




Yes, this honey was in a hive last week. Yes, you can call it raw honey if you want to be trendy. The only thing we do to our honey is double sieve it, and that's only to get the wax and the dead bees out. Sometimes you get free bits of beeswax that somehow escaped the sieve, for that we apologize.

We leave everything else alone.

We encourage a teaspoon a day for every member of your family to make them more good looking, improve stamina, and to possibly aide in battling seasonal allergies.  

We standardized on one size, a 1.06lb. bottle, and because we use a lot of honey around here, we have our honey packaged in an easy to squeeze plastic bottle. We don't buy expensive glass jars to just store your honey in because this honey is meant to be eaten before the next harvest bro! There's no need for a knife, spoon, or dowel, and Joel has mentioned repeatedly that the honey is easily applied right to the mouth hole with ease.

For a demonstration of mouth hole application, please call the pharmacy.

Honey does not go bad, so if it starts to crystallize from getting too cold, toss the bottle in a ziploc bag and soak it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes.

Buy a bottle or two now, because when it's gone, you'll have to wait MAY OR JUNE 2018 for more of our honey.


Yes, the price in 2017 is $17.17, as it was $11.11 way back in 2011 when we started actually bottling and selling the honey instead of just obsessing over how awesome it was. In the year 2020 this honey will sell for $20.20, and if it doesn't sell, we will eat it ourselves.

If that's too rich for your blood, you won't offend us. Just remember: It doesn't matter where you buy your honey, as long as you know a person put their entire soul into the bottle.

And here, well, you're tasting Joel. Enjoy eating Joel please. #EATJOEL

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