Eyes & Wrinkles 8ml Syringe

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Eyes & Wrinkles 8ml Syringe

The Compounder EXCLUSIVE!

This is a delicate combination of three powerful antioxidants (DMAE, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin E) in a gentle moisturizing créme comprised of our proprietary, non-allergenic bases. This skin preparation is made without harmful chemicals or preservatives.

There are no fragrances or artificial colors.

The golden appearance is the natural colors of the ingredients.

Suggested Uses: Apply a thin layer on cheek rim, corners of eyes and around mouth to smooth fine lines and soften dark circles. Eyes & Wrinkles may also be applied over entire face.

Be sure to test the product before applying over large areas of skin. As with all cosmetic preparations, do not get into eyes.

If you consider the source, make sure you source the consideration as well.

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