Endiro Coffee

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The Compounder is proud to offer (and drink) Endiro Coffee. We have developed an appreciation and understanding of their mission, and truthfully enjoy their coffee. 

Fresh roasted right here in Aurora, IL, all Endiro Coffee is grown out of a sustainable and respectful relationship at each point along the coffee trail. 

Click the profile link below for more information on the Bududa Bukalasi roast, which is a fully washed Arabica bean with dried cherry, lavender and all spice tasting notes.


Thank you for choosing Endiro Coffee. We do all that we do for the sake of "BREWING A BETTER WORLD" and especially to create bright futures for vulnerable children throughout Uganda and the world. Please check out "A Better World" or visit the Endiro Partners and Projects blog to see how your support of Endiro is changing lives.

Visit their website at EndiroCoffee.com