BOOK: "Beesbro" by Joel

Aurora Bee Company

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BOOK: "Beesbro" by Joel

The Amazon description sums this up quite nicely: "Amateur beekeeper/iPhotographer Joel Frieders, of the Aurora Bee Company, shares some of his accidentally amazing bee photography. Perfect for the coffee table, and the back of the toilet."

Basically, over the last few years I was taking pictures of my bees and not realizing that other people loved them. I knew I loved them, but what do I know? So after a few friends encouraged me to put together a collection of my beetography (that's bee photography bros), I found a way to have them printed and made for sale!

We only have a few copies available at the shop, but if our few copies sell out, visit the Amazon sales link to buy your own #beesbro book beebros!

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