Pay with a credit card using PayPal

We have been using PayPal for over a decade. It's the most reliable and secure form of web payment available and we use it exclusively on our webstore. We understand that not everyone utilizes a PayPal account, but PayPal allows you to use a credit card instead of a checking account just as easily as using your checking account!

Do you want to pay with a credit card and NOT your PayPal/checking account?

You can do that using PayPal!

Here's how:

1. While in the shopping cart, select PayPal Checkout.



3. Click CHANGE under the "Pay With" category

Change Payment Info

4. Add a new credit card to your "Wallet"

Add card to your "Wallet"

5. Pay with that new credit card by clicking Continue

Pay with your new CC by clicking Continue

6. Select your shipping method, proceed to confirm your payment and you're done!

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