Low Dose Naltrexone - LDN

Many of our customers found us via a google search while looking for information regarding Low Dose Naltrexone, or LDN.

Our pharmacist and owner, Larry Frieders, R.Ph, has been compounding Low Dose Naltrexone since the late 90s, and was one of the first compounding pharmacists to work with Dr. Bernard Bihari. Dr. Bihari focused on AIDS patients who used naltrexone for their addictions, and discovered they also experienced improvements with their neurological symptoms. The Compounder has been providing high quality Low Dose Naltrexone at an honest price ever since.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is a prescription item and does require a prescription from a licensed physician

If you arrived here and are looking for more information on LDN, we wish to direct you to our website to learn more about the medication. Here is a list of articles and topics for you to read and possibly share with your doctor, should your doctor need educating about LDN.

What does LDN cost from The Compounder?

STRENGTHS  /  DAYS SUPPLY  /  $COST (30/60/90)

0.01mg - 3mg capsules: #30 is $29 / #60 is $58 / #90 is $87

3.1 - 4.5mg capsules#30 is $36 / #60 is $72 / #90 is $108

4.6mg - 7.5mg capsules: #30 is $43 / #60 is $86 / #90 is $129

7.6mg + capsules: Please contact us.