A Beyond Use Date (BUD) is far less science than we're led to believe.
The dates on packages and prescriptions are little more than a conservative best guess. The contents of a package don't know that they are to stop working or become "bad" on the date listed. Laws dictate how BUDs are assigned but they're mere guidelines. A BUD for the last day of the month does not mean the product must be destroyed on that date. In fact, there could easily be much more "life" in the product - within reason.
It is a shame that so many perfectly good products are discarded merely because the manufacturer printed a BUD on the container.
Retailers, like The Compounder, cannot legally sell out dated products (past the BUD), but they can be sold at a discount before the BUD to savvy buyers who want a product and aren't afraid of the printed numbers.
We could toss the items, take a loss, and be yet another cause of increased waste. Or, we could offer them at significant discount.
Here is a list of some products that will be going past their BUD. Order today and get the heavily discounted price.
DISCLAIMER - FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. We cannot guarantee the item you want is still available. If it's gone when you order, we will remove the sale from your order.

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