Ibuprofen Transdermal 30ml Pumper

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Ibuprofen Transdermal 30ml Pumper


Do you use our Ibuprofen Transdermal but had to leave it at home because of the sheer size of the pumper? US TOO! Because Joel was sick of toting around a shampoo bottle of Ibu Cream in his gym bag, we chopped the puppy in thirds and BOOM! A NEW 30ML PUMPER TO SHOVE IN YOUR PURSE, GYM BAG OR FANNY PACK! It's the EXACT SAME as our larger 100ml pumper, just shorter and slimmer!


Many people have chosen oral Ibuprofen for pain relief for years but now they can experience the same lasting pain relief using topical ibuprofen cream. When used over a few days time you will notice the relief of pain in your knees, back and shoulders or legs and joints. Topical ibuprofen cream has the same ingredients as oral medication, but it does not cause the stomach side effects that sometimes come with the oral medication. Now topical ibuprofen cream you can have the advantages of Ibuprofen directly to the pain site bringing you fast relief.

Whether you suffer from arthritis, lower back pain, tendonitis or just everyday aches and pains, topical ibuprofen may be your answer!

No pills to swallow, no stomach discomfort, just Ibuprofen directly where it hurts.

If you've ever seen that one movie where the kid is playing the arcade game where he's defending the galaxy from alien spaceships and then he ends up actually defending the galaxy and his copilot is that lizard looking guy, you saw The Last Starfighter and it's one HELL of a movie right?!

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